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Selini Jewellery Box


A preview of the first solid oak jewellery box sample for Selini Jewellery. The Selini Crest has been laser etched into the wood and will be personalised for every customer.

Parfumerie Font


A nice script font I came across while researching for certificate design.

Get it here: http://www.hypefortype.com/parfumerie-script.html


Burgues Script

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Lovely script font I came across while researching certificate design styles for a job we are currently working on.

Get the font here: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/sudtipos/burgues-script/

AB&Co 1.5


The AB&Co website was designed over 2 years ago now and we feel it’s time to kick off version 1.5. Essentially this update is more ‘evolution’ than ‘revolution’ as overall we are happy with our online presence.

This update will have further refinement and more intuitive navigation, textual content will be restructured and the use of some newer technology (HTML5 and CSS3) introduced over time.

As a result of this extra workload our blog may suffer a little as a lot of late nights are on the horizon!

Selini Exceptional Book


We recently produced a limited edition hard back book named ‘Exceptional Edition’, for high end bespoke jeweller Selini, showcasing their latest creations and illustrating their natural progression into the creation of ‘high end’ exceptional jewels.

Each unit cost £48.00 to produce and featured a complex 4 foil crest with multi-level embossing and 24 carat gilt edging. To say this was a challenging project at times is an understatement!

Neilson Jewellery Photography


We are very pleased to have been approached to develop a new brand and online presence for award winning high end jewellery photographer Andrew Neilson.

Andrew has a reputation as one of the leading jewellery photographers in the UK, creating flawless images for high end jewellery brands around the world.

His work is beautifully executed and demands a high level of skill, experience and expertise to produce.

Cloth Dynamics

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We’d been waiting for an excuse to use a cool new 3D feature called ‘Cloth Dynamics’.

This effect works by simulating the density and gravitational characteristics of a piece of cloth covering a chosen object in a frame by frame sequence, it’s time consuming but the results are well worth it.


Graffiti Art Research – Mad C


Whilst researching Graffiti art as part of a theme for a new brand I came across the work of German Graffiti Artist Mad C.
I particularly like the Urban & Graffiti Gallery ‘La Grille’.

See more of her work here: http://www.delicious-styles.com

Ispiri Wheels – Product photography


A sneak preview at Ispiri Wheels product photography for their new website currently in development.

We are very pleased with the final images, a lot of preparation and time went into production (especially lighting), showcasing the high quality and finish of these premium wheels.


Culshaw Bell new brand preview


Culshaw Bell’s existing reputation had been built upon the unique partnership of the founders who combine their skills as master craftsmen, interior designers and colour specialists.

They are passionate about their work and these highly skilled, creative and artistic people have produced some of the finest bespoke kitchens on the market today.

We wanted to harness their values making them central to the brand reposition.
We reinterpreted the founders’ signatures to culminate in their new identity that would reflect the unique qualities of the brand and partnership.

Great care was taken to make the identity look both natural and artistic, reflecting the brand’s values. The challenge was to use 2 different signatures that would balance aesthetically and yet feel individual at the same time.